Can’t Keep Up

   Can’t Keep Up

Overwhelmed, well nigh.

Stuck, in any case.

Habit, certainly;

Dependency, it’s possible.

Too cowardly to hit delete, unsubscribe,

Headline drawing, leading,

Wooing into worlds of guidance –

There I am,

Adding one more site,

Email list so long

I’m sensing danger.


Yet, and yet,

I’m in the pit of knowledge, help;


By eagerness and curiosity,

Induced, I click.

I fall,

A toy so miniscule,

I’m putty in their hands.


Motives suspect, motives pure – it’s in our times.

Motives all – natural.

But how can I create

When time is drained?

Promoting’s pace accelerating,

I’m just me, a Pooh of little brain.

It sounds so negative, but then

It’s all a double-sided coin.


Can’t Keep Up 2.24.2016

Out Times, Our Culture II; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin




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