It Could Happen To You And Probably Has

Step one:

You meet or met;

The Internet.

Not long ago.

You from somewhere in Kokomo, (that’s Indiana),

Or in Goa, India.

Or goodness knows – it happened anyhow.

Warmth turned to passion,

Fashioned from that crossing passage

Into one another’s lives.

Pair-tners waxing like the moon.


Step two:

The snoring, interruptions,

Mannerisms, quirks, needs, those discussions,

Frame of mind.

You find

Its whole attire tiring.

Time scale of no import,

Both or one

Work out, discover, come to grips :

Passion gone,

And too, the pair-tnership.


Step three:

You fire him or her,

Or he or she fires you

From love that turned into a job.

Although you sob you’ve not been robbed.

It’s fair to say

And not deride

The faults, blemishes on either side,

For condemnation’s not the way.

The plot and play’s scenario

Are all too



It Could Happen To You And Probably Has 9.26.2016

Love Relationships II;

Arlene Corwin



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