The Most Subtle Of All: Intention

The start of neurological connection

And the start of action is: intention.

To add a word and subtle too, is motivation.


Brain knows all.

Its protocol, a transfer at the speed of light,

A puzzle, riddle chased by all, and oh, a miracle

We take for granted all the while

We’re living: doing, with no thought as to intention,

How it comes about as action,

Never thinking that

We ought to, need to meditate –

Not change, but meditate,

Ask, state, repeat and watch.

Not speculate,

But be. And do.

And find out who

You are, may be,

And hopefully,

What your intentions are.


The Most Subtle Of All: Intention 11.2.2016

Circling Round Reality;’ Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin



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