The Day Trump Tr-i-ump-hed

         The Day Trump Tr-i-ump-hed

Trumpeting, he trumped and triumphed…

Did he, has he?

Thumping his way forward,

Jumping through the hoops of word and phrase,

Razing those that blocked his ways,

He dazed the lot.

Crazed, ablaze – or not. But hot,

He took a stand,

But didn’t seem to understand (and may not still)

That energy attracts a gangland:

Thinking not that crowds could form,

Become a throbbing, clobbering or bombing mob:

A swarming army.


Young we heard,

You can’t take back the caustic word

Once in the air it’s there!

So rather than lie down

Crowds gather,

Drawing to themselves an anger,

War uncivil,

Civil war

once more,

And monies that he’s vowed to earn

Will burn in costs for crowd control, police patrol.


The day that Trump was voted in

May not, in fact become a win –

For reasons manifold and sundry.


The Day Trump Tr-i-ump-hed 11.11.2016

Our Times, Our Culture II: Special People, Special Occasions,

Arlene Corwin



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