For Those Who Can’t Believe

For those who can’t believe

I leave you with: God is just word

To gird up life and lessen pain;

Intended to encompass unexplainables

That science or psychology can’t clarify:

The ecstasy of insights

Helplessness of death,

Mystery philosophies

Of paths that lead to happiness;

With logic all their own to laud,

Reality reduced to primal cause

That some call God.


Problems of belief lie in

The gene or flair; the character

Or IQ that x factors cannot cover.


There, in entity invisible, in force likewise,

Books, systems aim to clarify

In symbol, parable and story;

Threads for some, nonsense for others

Who prefer to live by ethics; other codes

To take a hold of.


“God” is odd,

And hard;

A word,

A shortcut, like the Sanskrit Om –

To something real, a waterwheel

To rain down onto neuron’s brain.


That’s almost all that I can say

Leaving those who can’t believe

Until some other insight comes its way

Some Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Friday, Saturday or Sunday.


For Those Who Can’t Believe 11.13.2016

To The Child Mystic II; God Book II;

Arlene Corwin


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