Recurring Themes, Recurring Dreams

         Recurring Themes, Recurring Dreams


It’s all projection.


Have you noticed that

From art, to food, to clothing, all

Are cloaked in style

You’ve carried with you for a mile;

A thread in common,

Background shared.


Through life, if you’re aware,

You see the common motif there.

Some dark, dark matter

Smattering the whole of you

And all you do

To permeate each, every hair.


Holding to the non-dogmatic,

Real, empirical, pragmatic

Of each day’s encounter,

Nameless through the daily banter,

What can it be called?

Can one explain an undercurrent so obscured

Without a mind to find it?


Then you see the undetectable:

Theme, variations

That define the line you’ve drawn throughout.

Back again, again, anew.

In art, in food, in points of view

Recurring themes, recurring dreams

The title running through.


Recurring Themes, Recurring Dreams 11.26.2016

Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin

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