I Went To A Funeral Today

It’s so important to record these things.  For whom?  God knows.  As art, as etude, as a meditation?  As a way to think through and clarify for one’s own benefit daily eventualities.  God knows – all of those.

Simplistic in its way to say, but

I went to a funeral today.

Our ‘tractor man’ laid in the ground;

I wrote about him year two thousand.

Taking care of all he owned,

Scraping stony muddy snow;

Driving round his tracts of land;

Doing turns that only tractors can

And which, our tractor man was bound to, born to.

Not to milk a tale said once,

Finance, romance, weakness, strength

But tale of more significance

Than in those years when I gave him, his circumstance

No jot,

Well, not a lot of thought,

To make up for it, for I too am démodé,

It’s all-important that I say:

Surreal-ly dreamlike is this life

With time’s phenomenon in strife

With peace we aim for,

Always on the move, at war, divisive.

With no inside proof. It’s tough. Life’s rough.

Death, funerals banal,

My skull a barrel of confusion,

Is it all a grand illusion?

Peer groups going,

I here, with no chance of knowing

What’s in store, no more,

Except to hope that time and fate will favor

Generations, generating

As all beauty queens declare,

“World peace with no death anywhere.”

All this from the lain to rest

Of neighbor passed occasionally,

Known to me but casually.

Respectfully  I went to honor

Just to find myself a more intent participator.

I Went To A Funeral Today 11.30.2016

Birth, Death & In Between II; Pure Nakedness;

Arlene Corwin


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