Watching The Signs Of Aging

 Not a search for youth,  just the quasi-scientific urge within us.

Watching the signs of aging;



An end.

Notice, I don’t say THE end.


Not a film, a flimsy bit of flimflam,

A clouded artificiality, life imitated, intimated.

As stated:

A downgrading: witless and insensate,

Thinning at the temples,

Eyebrow hairs a crazy zigzag;

Tummy more rotund and round;

Fingers, which, however trained

No longer want to grasp or grip.

Compression of the whole foundation

Underscore the downward trip.


Aging signals watched with care –

Obviously there! Involuntary!

Glasses that you never needed;

Tender spots you never heeded.

Fragile scenes that make you weep.

Couplets which you once thought cheap

Resorted to, which you now keep.


Compensations: pensions, patience;

Many words that end in –pence

Because, and just because

All signs become a Santa Claus:

Signs of good –

That is, when you are in the mood.

Stiff fingers finding newer ways to play piano, open jars,

The mental auto-search a galaxy of syndrome-stars

Bursting unused.


No longer worrying ‘bout standards,

You’ve your own.

No need to join

The middling crowd,

The mediocre: in reality, the herd.

Small ambitions,

Minimized conditions

All good and fine, but still

Signs of aging ultimately will

Win out.


Watching The Signs Of Aging 12.5.2016

Circling Round Aging; Birth, Death & In Between II; Bath Book II;

Arlene Corwin




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