Cosmic Coordination #3

         Cosmic Coordination #3

(one day further, meter righted, verbs re-chosen ,rhymes clearer, form tightened, economized; made easier to read;

even message and its nuance altered)


Moment now can never come again,

Not poetry, not inspiration;

Angle, viewing – changing. never to be re- a thing,

Moments have a nano-difference,

Must have nano-variation;

Individual, a coin

Two-sided, joined

By now and not…


Moments have no measure,

No more import in the one than t’other –

Value too. Does sitting on the loo

Have more significance than any other thing you do?

Same dance, same chance – with difference.


The instant used for what it is –

An irreplaceable – shall we say, space?

(Let’s call it ‘space) to use with all its use

As product, project, problem solved:

A life improvisation.


Influences, guides that sway –

You need to take them,

(soaking up many ways unawares). And unaware,

You also guide and shape and sway

From where you are, for you have power,

Synchronized with galaxy and star

And all the spheres that ever were.


Not to sound too know-it-all, sententious, preachy:

That’s the way it is!


Cosmic Coordination #3 12.18.2016

Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin




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