A Perversion Of The Present

     It’s really about ways to develop.  Or rather, the Way among ways.   Or, ways to the Way.  There’s a word I’ve always been fond of.  It’s ‘ineffable’.  It means many things, but it really means beyond description.  That’s what all this stuff is.  One is always making a stab at it, but that’s it.   

     A Perversion Of The Present

A perversion of the present –

It is thought?


And yet you have to use thought

To divest yourself of thought

(at least to start with).

Riddle; paradox; conundrum:

How to solve it?

Krishnamurti, (clever man)

Used verbs like ‘carve the brain’

‘Scoop out’, ‘uproot’, and ‘empty’, aimed

At silencing a brain that’s interfered with by:

‘Ambitions, greed, stupidities, & vanities’.

All the same,

He never tells you How

He only tells you That.

Corwin (not-so-clever girl) says,

It’s the Now and only Now

That is the What and is the How;

The instrument, the what-to-do

That only you

Can find

Inside that mind

of yours.


Focus on a body part,

Your spleen, your heart

A word repeated,

On your breathing in and out.

On God, a saint,

If that’s your bent.


Focus, watch, come back to Now

When sidetracked,

Drift away or stray.

The only entrance back is Now.


I’m limited, I know –

But it’s a start with which

To scratch that wandering and misleading itch

Of wishing, longing, reminiscing,

Guilt and backward/forward thinking;

Start by which

To squelch & wash away the errors, launch your niche

Your cubbyhole, your branch…

I promise you, you won’t go wrong.


A Perversion Of The Present 12.29.2016

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin



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