What Exactly Is A Monad

                        What Exactly Is A Monad?

Monos is a Greek word meaning unit or alone, leading to a most important concept. They say Pythagoras was the first to use it. He meant ‘a single source acting alone; its origin indivisible’. By monos he meant divinity, first being, acting alone. In it’s literal sense, ‘a non-material, least unit in the world’s All. – a word of great beauty and precisely what we are: a non- material and least reducible dot in the world whole. And divine, to boot.          What interests me is the prefix mono used as the noun monad, a concept found in one of the oldest world philosophies: Vedanta. Detailed, rational, easier to comprehend than western metaphoric scriptures, Vedanta has a larger philosophic vocabulary – than even than the German equivalent – monad being one of them.  Why should you think about this? Because it is the you – irreducible, and pragmatically, empirically experience-able. Understanding it is a help, a first step. Where to start? Sitting, standing, lying, moving ask yourself, not ‘who am I’ but ‘where’ is the I that is me? You’ll start the process going. Stand in the middle of a party, a crowd or at the sink. Ask yourself the same question. The hands are going, the feet are going – all the body parts are going. Ask yourself at those times. Ah, but where is me/I?

You are alone, surrounded by all other alones. You could say that what you discover in the end is not hands, legs, kidneys and noses, but consciousness. You are a chunk of consciousness. And that chunk is not different one man or woman to another. And yet it is.

Confounding perhaps, but inspiring too. It’s up to you to find it and find out. Born alone, you die alone. In fact, you are alone the whole of life, surrounded by other Alones whose aim you have in common: To be free, feel free, to know yourself, to have no fears, and have the understanding that you’re free. How do you know when you are free? You’ll know it when you see it.

If you are Biblically inclined and see yourself as an/the ‘image’ of God, then the aim is to become one with, merge with God. If your references have other origins work with those, but know that in and of yourself, you are alone. Learn to feel that. An absolute not negative but empowering. Knowing that leads to empathetic detachment, an all-embracing love without judgment, without the need to cling or reject.

So when you’re thinking about existence, what it means, what you deserve, think monad.

What Exactly Is A Monad? 3.23.2016/1.29.2017 Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Reality; Arlene Corwin



Earth Fights Back

Mercury, methane – it’s not retaliation.

Earth neutral, holds not a grudge;

It follows laws, the sludge of dirty oil

And the sea that whitens coral

No revenge just law,

No matter how damned awful it may seem.

As I react so it reacts,

Our pact with nature and its every star.


Perhaps the verb to fight is faulty.

Not a fight, just a response.

Not response, just a reply.

Earth answering, perhaps with love

Obeying laws within, above.


I propose a theme in prose, transposing theme

To poem for those

Who also think in meter

Satisfying, clarifying thoughts,

Allowing them to peter out in symmetry,

Some understanding, amity and harmony,

Satisfied if poem when through

Gets through to you,

In which case

Phrase fights back

Has had impact.


Earth Fights Back 1.28.2017

Circling Round Nature II; Our Times Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin





The Treacherous Illusion


Progress, growth, expansion:

Cycles, only that.

They never last, just grow and die,

Their concepts unreliable,

Their goals so pliable

They ‘rat you out,’

Attack you back

Unless you are prepared,

Scared underneath it all,

Aware of what a pattern leads to.


Take heed of trends –

They end.

Did someone say once long ago

To keep your lantern lit? It’s so.


The treacherous illusion

May say all is fine.

See each headline, every fact as sign –

Then go forth bravely.


The Treacherous Illusion 1.27.2017

Our Times, Our Culture II; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin



How Long Is A Dream?


How long is a dream,

Stream of consciousness

Mirroring unconsciousness,

And speed of thought


In seconds,

Pinned into entities

Clear as a bell.


The pain or the joy of

Of a day gone away,

How long is the theme

Crammed into a dream,

The bad and the good

Reflecting the childhood dance

Of experience,

Mire of desire explicit as film.


How long is a dream

Is the same as to ask about time

And the time that it’s taken

To organize, star in, produce and direct –

(You do/are all four)

Constructions so tricky and dotty and flighty

It might take one years

To write out all those fears, hopes and wishes

Compressed into minutes

From snippet to whole.


How long is a dream,

In its limits or boundlessness,

Fluff as reality stuffed into seconds.

Puzzling, perplexing,

It keeps a man guessing,

The question as madd’ning

As how long is string?


How Long Is A Dream? 1.25.2017

Circling Round Reality; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin





What Characterizes Life?


Bodies born & change & die.

They live and pass.

But what is life?

What marks it out?

In my assessment it is consciousness –

Simply being conscious.

If so, leaf must be…

Virus must be…

On one or many levels

All that ‘be’ must ‘have’ it, ‘be’ it

Till those bodies go.


I can’t think there are exceptions to the rule;

That is, if life is consequent, consistent;

Essence, a distillate

Underneath all things that do a something by themselves.


I don’t know yet.

Can’t find words, a name, an adjective, a verb,

A sound that does it justice.

I know now – only that.

And when I go inside myself

That’s all I meet

What Characterizes Life? 1.22.2017

Nature In & Of Reality;

Arlene Corwin


Pleasures Of A Low Sex Drive

Low sex drive,

No sex drive,

Enjoying it,

The yearning, pining, longing gone,

Not missing it a bit.

Distracting thoughts,

One-sided thoughts,

Dissipated into thin, thin air,

Scattered and dispelled God-knows-where.

Who in heaven or hell cares?

Like losing fetters

That bound up mind, heart

(and other parts) for years.

What a delight

To have hormonal chains


All by themselves, fording

Oceans, seas and rivers

Of their own accord

To come to rest

Inside a calm and loving breast

That doesn’t give a hoot


A screw.


Pleasures of A Low Sex Drive 1.21.2017

Circling Round Eros II; Circling Round Aging;

Arlene Corwin



God Bless You Mr. Ferrer

Coming home, turning on the Mac, tuning in the radio, expecting to see, hear the installation of the President-elect, I read instead “Miguel Ferrer Is Dead”. Priority is clear. Dear Mr Ferrer takes precedence.

         God Bless You Mr. Ferrer

God bless you Mr. Ferrer

Wherever you are.

‘My Father’s house – many a mansion’:

That you’re somewhere I am certain.

One remembers José powerful as Cyrano.

Now we shall remember you;

Compelling, formidable in your roles,

You unintentionally stole the roles

Becoming one with each.

And one is sad!   Nigh inconsolable!

Sixty-one! So young these days!

No phrase of admiration, value and esteem can reach you,

Few can match you, rate you high enough.

And I, engulfed in loss,

No grading high enough

Shall miss you.


God Bless You Mr. Ferrer 1.20.2017

Special People, Special Occasions; Birth, Death & In Between II;

Arlene Corwin

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