God Bless You Mr. Ferrer

Coming home, turning on the Mac, tuning in the radio, expecting to see, hear the installation of the President-elect, I read instead “Miguel Ferrer Is Dead”. Priority is clear. Dear Mr Ferrer takes precedence.

         God Bless You Mr. Ferrer

God bless you Mr. Ferrer

Wherever you are.

‘My Father’s house – many a mansion’:

That you’re somewhere I am certain.

One remembers José powerful as Cyrano.

Now we shall remember you;

Compelling, formidable in your roles,

You unintentionally stole the roles

Becoming one with each.

And one is sad!   Nigh inconsolable!

Sixty-one! So young these days!

No phrase of admiration, value and esteem can reach you,

Few can match you, rate you high enough.

And I, engulfed in loss,

No grading high enough

Shall miss you.


God Bless You Mr. Ferrer 1.20.2017

Special People, Special Occasions; Birth, Death & In Between II;

Arlene Corwin

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