What Characterizes Life?


Bodies born & change & die.

They live and pass.

But what is life?

What marks it out?

In my assessment it is consciousness –

Simply being conscious.

If so, leaf must be…

Virus must be…

On one or many levels

All that ‘be’ must ‘have’ it, ‘be’ it

Till those bodies go.


I can’t think there are exceptions to the rule;

That is, if life is consequent, consistent;

Essence, a distillate

Underneath all things that do a something by themselves.


I don’t know yet.

Can’t find words, a name, an adjective, a verb,

A sound that does it justice.

I know now – only that.

And when I go inside myself

That’s all I meet

What Characterizes Life? 1.22.2017

Nature In & Of Reality;

Arlene Corwin


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