How Long Is A Dream?


How long is a dream,

Stream of consciousness

Mirroring unconsciousness,

And speed of thought


In seconds,

Pinned into entities

Clear as a bell.


The pain or the joy of

Of a day gone away,

How long is the theme

Crammed into a dream,

The bad and the good

Reflecting the childhood dance

Of experience,

Mire of desire explicit as film.


How long is a dream

Is the same as to ask about time

And the time that it’s taken

To organize, star in, produce and direct –

(You do/are all four)

Constructions so tricky and dotty and flighty

It might take one years

To write out all those fears, hopes and wishes

Compressed into minutes

From snippet to whole.


How long is a dream,

In its limits or boundlessness,

Fluff as reality stuffed into seconds.

Puzzling, perplexing,

It keeps a man guessing,

The question as madd’ning

As how long is string?


How Long Is A Dream? 1.25.2017

Circling Round Reality; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin





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