So Have A Happy Birthday ( a birthday present to my beloved)

         So Have A Happy Birthday

(a birthday present to my beloved)


It is a challenge these days to find ways

To praise and honor birthdays of a man

Who’s lived for seventy and nine decades,

Seen much, done much. Time’s memory fades,

Almost like dreams you can’t remember.

So the number

Doesn’t really count.

It’s the amount of joyfulness that does.


One more year and you’ll be eighty.

What will I say then when I

Can hardly think of what to say

Now that you’re reaching seventy and nine?

I reason from the handsome man I see before me

That you’re fine.

And though sleep doesn’t stay

The way it did some years ago,

You work (and walk) and play,

And all in all, you and I know

That life is good.

So put yourself into first gear

To have a pianistic year,

Good intonation and good ear.

Eat your food

With appetite;

Continue making love at night –

And morn

While thanking God you don’t need porn

To stimulate.

Actually your life is great,

So have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


So Have A Happy Birthday 2.8.2017

Birthday Book;

Arlene Corwin



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