Can’t Keep Up

Overwhelmed, uh, swamped, well nigh,

Admittedly too cowardly

To hit delete or unsubscribe sucked in by

Drawing headlines, wooing words, there am I,

With one site more,

Email list so long I’m sensing danger.

Yet, and yet,

I’m in the pit

Of fact and help; by eagerness and appetite.

Seduced, induced, I click and fall.

Word worlds so miniscule or intellectual

I’m putty in their pull.

Motives all – all natural –

Motives yucky, those upright,

How to create

When time is drained, demands sustained,

Promoting’s pace accelerating,

I’m me, Pooh Little Brain.

They sound so negative, these sites of mine,

So full of info and guidelines.

But good/bad often intertwining,

It’s a double-sided coin,

Even if I can’t keep up.


Can’t Keep Up 2.24.2016/2.21.2017

Out Times, Our Culture II; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin




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