Teflon Trump

Teflon Trump?

The news today: Donald Trump

Has skipped some taxes.

We’re not talking hundreds, thousands.

(speculate for poem’s sake)

We are talking millions – money millions.


Now we know that each of us

Wants money we can christen ours,

Most of us not prone to share

Or give away. But let’s be clear –

These millions can help many poor:

Many, many, many poor!

There he sits with nothing more

Than sites aimed at more, more and more:

Expand! Collect! – focus lost;

A blindered horse on blindered course,

Priorities askew and wrong.

(observation and opinion)

Yet he seems to skip away, slip away, a Teflon Trump

That no one seem to strip away

Whose gotten far – so far…

One’s hope is that with aims made pure,

And as he storms, norms queer, unclear –

His love for folk (which he declares)

Will force – at least induce – reform.

And if I find that this is so,

I’ll change my mind and just might go

In his direction.


Teflon Trump? 3.15.2017

Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin



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