You Never Know The Clout You Have

       You Never Know The Clout You Have


You never know the clout you have,

Clout being a blow or target –

Most of all effect or power

You exert by being you.


Take care! Be careful, scared! Be wary!

Everything you say, you do –

Each word, each vow, an influence.

In circumstance you radiate an ambience

You pray will be benevolent.


You, you

In all you do;

And you have impact.

Make a pact with mental you

To be a kind and, gentle you,

Giving out rewarding vibes,

Enriching, beneficial, fruitful.

You, yourself a scribe imbibing

Influences from abroad,

From world untoward – in discord!


Take some in and turn them ‘round.

You abound in power.

You can be man* of the hour

Just by being who you are.

You can be the lucky star

Of every person you encounter.

So remember!

You ne’er know the clout you have

To save what ever may occur.


* of course woman too!


You Never Know The Clout You Have 4.29.2017

Definitely Didactic; Coffee Book II;

Arlene Corwin




Giving In

Got this idea the other day- but only as a title. Worked on it the past two days. See if you appreciate its point of view. Notice that i place it in the collection called Circling Round Egos.
We fight against…

We feel it’s brave.

No matter what the cause

The will to save is strong.

We go along with crowds

Who think alike and think aloud.


The self may or may not be gone;

We like to think in unison,

Fighting for right against the wrongs.

We even sing fight songs

In name of right and wrong.


To yield is a second way.

Is it weakness to give in, give way?

It’s often clever – often never.

War means to attack, fight back,

But even Bonaparte gave up his part,

Threw in the towel; weak move but smart manoeuvre.


Giving in to giving way to bowing down to

Stepping back to take a breather…

Easier, less time-consuming,

Hours left for ruminating.


Friends gossip as they sip their sauvignon.

They’ve all known loss, they’ve known defeat.

Yet it’s sweet to criticize.

We are a crazy [human] race.


Summed up, the best stress buster

Giving back to life its luster,

And the plan that musters true,

Is yes in lieu of no: a giving in

To cover most conditions.


Giving In 4.27.2017

Circling Round Egos;

Arlene Corwin

Hypocrisy Confessed

     Hypocrisy Confessed

There are those times

When I enjoy

A murdered leg

Or rib

Or thigh.


Call it steak

To make


Feel comfortable,

The rumblings of the mind assuaged.

Most of the time,

Prime hungry, up to eating like a horse,

I don’t eat cow (of course not horse),

But making food

Not rude or vulgar,

I, non-fake and non-pretender

Eat my beans, my reds and greens

With appetite.

No bright, slight, sprite

I eat my peas,

My eggs and cheese,

My pasta à la Genovese

Well pleased as punch,

Needing no med. rare for lunch.

But then those times…

Oy, oy those times!


Soul feeling maimed,

Smell of sweet, soy, garlic-y meat

I fall

To ribs [deceitful] call.

Hypocrisy Confessed 4.25.2017

A Sense Of Ridiculous II;

Arlene Corwin


From Popularity (comes danger)

             From Popularity…

             (comes danger)

From popularity comes hazard,

Risk of peril,

Boy or girl at danger’s call.

From anonymity comes shelter:

No one knowing you at all.


Every country loves its tourists –

Bridges, tunnels… easy access;

Weapons, drugs,

Lawbreakers, thugs:

In short, new foes;

New secret foes that no one knows.

From popularity come woes.


Self-imposed expansion low.

Moderation is the answer,

Modesty the balancer

Of friendliness

And isolation.


From Popularity 4.17.2017

Our Times, Our Culture II; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin





My Jazz Has Changed

       My Jazz Has Changed

My jazz has changed.

Warts and all,

Jazz is my call

Reflecting life’s endeavors.

I could never leave it.

I mature and it matures.

Meaning: freedom and invention.

Freedom of invention,

The sensation near ecstatic.

Who cares if I use elbows to create a chord?

No one!

Who cares if I make screw up,

Am not a nerd – part of the herd?

No one!

Everything is up to me, in me, from me –

Each note, each beat, each melody.

Coming each year, parting fear

That was and used to be there.

A ready leaving of control,

Letting an other whole come through.

The point is: no one knows or cares but you.

The freedom and invention where it should be

At the very point in history.


My Jazz Has Changed 4.16.2017

Vaguely About Music II;

Arlene Corwin

Happy Birthday, Daddy Dear

   Happy Birthday, Daddy Dear

Happy birthday once again,

Daddy dear. April fifteen,

And you’re not here to share it

For you died so many years ago.

(the year before we reached two thousand).

But the fifteenth rolls around

And somehow sounds a chord inside me.

This year happens to be

Pesach, Easter;

Easy to remind myself.

You would have been one hundred nine –

Not unattainable

As age today.

But still you went celestially.

I hope you’re happy

As I wish you happy birthday anyway.

So with a happy memory,

I’ll say happy goodbye

And start

A hopeful, happy day.


Happy Birthday, Daddy Dear 4.15.2017

Birthday Book; Love Relationships II;

Arlene Corwin

I’m Lucky

    I’m Lucky

I’m lucky.

I don’t have to earn my living as a poet.

But I have to write it.


No reward to energize,

No prize,

No monetary chance for status,

Fame the same;

A nano-chance to spread my name.

And yet, and yet,

Out of the air

Ideas occur.

And while I sit or lie or stand

Wholly unplanned,

Forced, driven

Structure, meter as yet hidden –

To seek pad and pen

With no predicting what and when

Will come to mind,

Inside the thing,

Inside the process of the writing.


It is as if some muse takes over

Former Arlene Faith Nover,

Improvising from said air

Ideas she never knew were there.

What could be luckier?

Silly couplets, sometimes deep,

Forms arriving from the beep of spontaneity.

How lucky can one be!


I’m Lucky 4.12.2017

Pure Nakedness; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Revelations Big & Small;

Arlene Corwin

Everything An Etude


Everything An Etude

Your cooking, your yoga,

Your diet, your posture:

Everything a try,

Chance to be brave

Chance to be plucky:

Symphony unfinished;

All’s a laboratory.


Everything an opportunity.

An exercise to make you better.

Never best.

There is no best.

So rest in knowing

Everything is etude.


Everything Is Etude 4.11.2017

The Processes; Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Definitely Didactic; Vaguely About Music II;

Arlene Corwin



Irrational The Terrorist (a follow-up to After A Terror Deed…)

         Irrational The Terrorist (a follow-up to After A Terror Deed…)

There’s no such thing as ‘non-believer’:

All believe in something.

Family, sky, the Vedic I,

The name ‘non’-anything misnomer.

Those who slaughter

In the name of heaven, waiting virgins, angels,

Paradise, God knows what else,

Where lion vegetarians

Meet bird and man as bosom friends…

They do no know life’s real ends.

True, misconceived, a pictured or imagined thing

So strong that it gives murdering

A face,

It makes the law-abiding jaundiced,

And, like me, seeing irrationality

In well meant terror dogma-bent

As pure one hundred one percent


Irrational The Terrorist 4.8.2017

Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin

After A Terror Deed (this time in Stockholm)

   After A Terror Deed (this time in Stockholm)

When terror deeds occur,

Him/her is wounded, killed,

Stay still.

You are in you and where you are,

Most likely far away

Watching the telly,

Shocked, the nightmare in your eyes.

You’re wise.

You stay collected.

Though connected you dismiss

The hate, the fear,

Your present now

To feel how it is in wholeness

And in peace.

The only answer.


But aware.

(Risk statistic in your favor).

Just remember,

You are always here

Inside your now.


After A Terror Deed (this time in Stockholm) 4.8.2017)

Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin

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