The Politician

         The Politician

This to those who vote by rote

Or vote by call –

To those who vote at all:


Has he kept his word?

Kept to promises you heard?

Are you satisfied, let down?

Waiting to see what goes round:

(Several choices

Of the voices

Voting for the offices

Meant to be filled.)


Has he gone back on his vows –

Contradictory or harmful now?

Double thought through double-think?

Does it stink, prepared to sink

A land with aids, advisors, incomes

Sly, and on the side?


How will issues relevant be dealt with?

How will tasks be basked in

By the men in


Typically men of the hour;

At their call, flasks, casks to drink from:

State affairs for one to think from!


The Politician 2.27.2017

Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin




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