My Jazz Has Changed

       My Jazz Has Changed

My jazz has changed.

Warts and all,

Jazz is my call

Reflecting life’s endeavors.

I could never leave it.

I mature and it matures.

Meaning: freedom and invention.

Freedom of invention,

The sensation near ecstatic.

Who cares if I use elbows to create a chord?

No one!

Who cares if I make screw up,

Am not a nerd – part of the herd?

No one!

Everything is up to me, in me, from me –

Each note, each beat, each melody.

Coming each year, parting fear

That was and used to be there.

A ready leaving of control,

Letting an other whole come through.

The point is: no one knows or cares but you.

The freedom and invention where it should be

At the very point in history.


My Jazz Has Changed 4.16.2017

Vaguely About Music II;

Arlene Corwin

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