A Problem And A Blessing

A Problem And A Blessing


It’s a problem and a blessing;

I never do the same thing twice.

My omelets, cookies, ice cream –

Never twinned and absolutely never thrice.

My husband says, “That dish was consummate,

The best I ever ate…you must, must imitate it!

Why not write it down”.

And there’s my limit.

Always acting in the moment,

Home ingredients at hand,

Forced to recreate a dish

That will not taste of sand,

That may or may not turn out grand;

A failure or success – there’s no predicting,

But who cares!

My brain enjoys the dare,

For dare it is,

And there it is,

The blessing.


The problem?

Codes of norm, jazz (my profession), daily dressing;

Not recalled, created by improvisational necessity


New strains, all things thought through

As if they’d never been.

What do you do?

And how?


A Problem And A Blessing 5.12.2017

Pure Nakedness;

Arlene Corwin




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