What isn’t an illusion?

That’s the question.

You aim for fame. Well, forget it – it gets boring

When the door to happiness subsides.

How long before the ride of charm

Turns into gasp; one last-ing gasp.

What circumstance, experience, ambition

Doesn’t turn to opposition

Some time in its life?

One thing turned into two

And diametrically opposed:

Up/down, down/up, then seeing through –a last, last sup.

Illusionary, but that’s not to say it doesn’t matter.

Everything a smattering of truth

For you to act through,

Watching diligently as you do it.

Not to say you must be stiff –

Just act as if

The whole thing’s real.

Don’t let it steal the real you,

That’s all.

There is a real you –

Let’s call it soul

Or essence; outer/inner

Unity of you-nity (that’s funny).

Ok, so it isn’t money,

Gathering (of many things

Such as position, power,

Family and all the things I can’t remember).

Passing, unpredictable, unstable,

Every syllable of all you want

Attainable – but then what?


Illusion 7.1.2017

Circling Round Reality; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin


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