I was tipsy last night,

Quite enjoyed it.

Drinking just a thimbleful one time a year,

And there was I, a stumblebum, but clear

In head,

Dutifully fulfilling all that needed

To be done.

A charming, wonderful sensation – fun.

And yet, I thought about my liver.

Will I ever, no, I’ll never

Be a drinker,

I’m too much a thinker

And a Jew.

And if you didn’t know

We Jews are not great drinkers,

Just great thinkers,

Contrite sinners on Yom Kippur

Nobel winners,

Alcohol not in our tribe.

And so, it is not likely I’ll imbibe

Too many jiggers wine or booze;

Too many calories

And I don’t want to lose

My liver’s life too soon –

Or looks, or senses or the boon

Of brain and knowing

Who I am

And who I’m born

To be.

Tipsy 7.1.2017

Pure Nakedness;

Arlene Corwin


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