Selfies & The (Selfish) Need

Rembrandt painted hundreds in one medium or t’other.

Thanks to photo’s techno-grams

Selfies of all kinds abound,

Home paintboxes thick on the ground

Which begs the question:

Exploration or self-love?

Motives passive and elusive, definitely inconclusive,

Probably a votive to self-love;

The selfie shows its needs up front.

Pretext for one’s vanity, its insecurity.


Then there’s the blog:

A kind of selfie, yes?

There to impress via modernity’s express

A world you hope

Is waiting for your scoop,

Your dope, your poop.


When you’ve seen a glut of bodies

Photo-shopped and chopped to please,

Is there more you need to see?

Or is it true desire breeds desire

And that fact a warning dire?


Impudently, imprudently

Continuing until we rue the days that bluntly

Lead us nowhere in particular

But to the usual, predictable, familiar wrinkling

And the loss of beauty’s pull.

Selfies & The (Selfish) Need 7.5.2017

Circling Round Vanities II;

Arlene Corwin

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