People Smoke A Joint Because…


People smoke a joint because

It calms them down,

It makes them laugh.

The symmetry

Of mediocrity’s conventions flee.

It also makes them hungry.


Answers come,

And often laughter is the payoff.

Nineteen sixty

Groups ingested LSD

To see more beauty,

Dig into the new,

Change patterns that were old in mind,

Find truths that were not there to find,

Break down, build up,

Sip from the cup of everything there is to sip.

So people drink because they are

More able to shift gears,

Take risks, lose fears.


The problem is to lay off, stay off.

That would be a real payoff.

Get it? Layoff, stay off, payoff?

I liked that.


People Smoke A Joint Because… 5.25.2010 revised 8.8.2010

Circling Round Energy; Revelations Big & Small;

Arlene Corwin


Started 2008





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