Do We Own?

Do we own?

Own what?

Parents die;

Friend, enemy;

Ones we have never known

In circumstance we’ll never see

In lands we’ve never been.


What do we own?

Goods heaped up over years,

Stored in a wardrobe or armoire,

Or locker somewhere

Because life has changed-cum-rearranged –

Or we’ve lost interest – period.


Do we own?

Appropriated from life’s providence?

For providence means helped/provided for,

Sustained, maintained, endowed, supplied.

It never meant forever.


We alone are what we own.

I too. And you.

(Though there are some who say we are on loan.

But that’s another story).

Do We Own? 8.10.2017

Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin




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