The Meaning Of Life, What?


Peace, love and happiness.

Three words we miss

In every sense.

  1. a) fail to hit it, fail to get it,

Even though it is the tar-get.

  1. b) We miss it as we’d miss a bus,

The muss of ego messing up, missing us.

  1. c) We miss it as in pine for, yearn for:

Miss in every aspect.


Peace. We don’t e’en know its meaning;

Shunning, running fast away from…

Yet we want it.


Love. And that?

The sex? Caress? Compassion and philanthropy?

Who cares for me and only me?

Love, what? All that?

Yes, probably.


Last, happiness.

Contentment without need for rapture;

Focused in the niceness of the now

No matter how

The outer world appears.

No matter what

Emerges as and from your lonely lot.


The meaning? Socrates:

He knew that he knew nothing.

But his nothing had the ring

Of truth. Though youth

Can’t know it doesn’t know,

The issue stays the same,

Theme worthy of its noble aim:

Life: What? The meaning of?

Peace, happiness and lovely love.

The meaning of its process,

More, patently not less.


The Meaning Of Life: What? 8.24.2017

Circling Round Reality; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin






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