Outside & Inside

Outside a pigeon eats my crumbs.

We call him Walter*

Inside hairy news continues.

Warm and numb,

I rustle up the casserole

To fill this hungry tummy hole:

Seoul, the polls…

Shall we succumb?

Shall they?

He wants to have it his way. Is he playing?

You may ask, “Which he?”

There are so many he’s,

So many bloody he’s.

Walter pigeon loves his crumbs.

The lovely pecking beak becomes him.

He, so carefree, eating of necessity,

Unaware of death or of his iridescent beauty.


I carry on with poetry

While radio debates the possibility

Of war, annihilation,

Which or any winning nation,

Madly grinning dictators,

Bad, head spinning leaders…

Glad I’m cooking,

Looking out the window

At my Walter

Eating crumbs.


*Walter Pidgeon (September 23, 1897 – September 25, 1984) was a Hollywood actor who starred in many films.


Outside And Inside 9.5.2017

Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin


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