Irma: You all are becoming familiar with her pattern.


I wish I were a sorceress.

I’m surely not a scientist.

Just a reader

Of the leaders in the news:

North Korea, Harvey, rockets

Boston Red Sox in the dockets

Charged with using Apple watches to steal signs.

Violence, hurricanes,

Cheating: Why?

This is too crazy!

Are these phases

Showing us,

Going towards

A monster breakdown,


To an Irma!

Flesh will go.

Insect, bird, yes, every minnow.

Families child-less, widowed;

Dis-endowed the moneyed crowd,

Castle, mansion, slum will go.

Marshes all will overflow.

(and we thought Bangladesh was low)

The planet’s being bashed,

Yet there are people who cash in on it.

Prayer will never be the answer.

Cancer from our own behavior.

Karma’s germ:

Now Irma.

Irma 9.6.2017

Our Times, Out Culture II; Circling Round Nature II;

Arlene Corwin





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