Just Peachy

Sitting in the bath eating a peach,

Out of reach shampoo and things.

I use my fingers.

Conditioner smushed * into hair,

I wait for gunk to work.

Head dunked an inch below the water

And still chewing, crunch intensified a thousand fold.

Damp pad and all, I hold the pad in front of me and write.

That’s what I call exciting!


I get dafter by the day –


Hanging-from-the-rafters thing

I fling all trivia aside.

Riding time on high.

I’m ridin’ high** on time;

Strategies unplanned.


*smush; my own word, meaning a mixture of smash/knead/crush/massage/rub/knead

**See Cole Porter


Just Peachy 9.18.2017

A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Circling Round Baths II;

Arlene Corwin



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