Looking For God (a personal interpretation regarding dark matter)

   “ After decades of measurements and debate, we are now confident that the overwhelming majority of our universe’s matter – about 84 percent – is not made up of atoms, or of any other known substance. Although we can feel the gravitational pull of this other matter, and clearly tell that it’s there, we simply do not know what it is. This mysterious stuff is invisible, or at least nearly so. For lack of a better name, we call it “dark matter.” But naming something is very different from understanding it. Over the past 15 years, for example, experiments designed to detect individual particles of dark matter have become a million times more sensitive, and yet no signs of these elusive particles have appeared. And although the Large Hadron Collider has by all technical standards performed beautifully, with the exception of the Higgs boson, no new particles or other phenomena have been discovered.”

Dan Hooper, Associate Scientist in Theoretical Astrophysics at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and Associate Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Chicago.

I am indebted to EarthSkyNews and its writers and editor Deborah Byrd for their inspirational articles that set an imagination afire.


                                               Looking For God

                 (a personal interpretation regarding dark matter) 

Oh, my goodness, Halloween.

Secular as we’ve become we search between

The stars for something we can’t find –

Something way, way, way behind

(or maybe not), for calculations more than hint

At something there. Something here

And all around,

Something we can measure,

Possibly a ground of being –

Universe the metaphor –

Or should one say ‘universes’?


Utterly enchanting this research,

For ‘re’- means ‘one more time’, afresh, again;

We’re looking all the time and then some.

‘Search’, its origin in Latin’s ‘circle’

We are going ‘round in circles

To complete a circle, time and time again.

Looking for design and pattern

Palpable, its charm disarming

And perhaps alarming,

If we ever find it.


Looking For God 10.31.2017

Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Reality; God Book II; Circling Round Energy;

Arlene Corwin

I am indebted to EarthSkyNews and its writers and editor Deborah Byrd for their inspirational articles that set an imagination afire.












I’d Like To Find Another Word For God

I’d Like To Find Anther Word For God

I’d like to find

Another word

For God, for named in scripture’s world

It is a word – a name – word just the same,

Quenching some, offending some,

Plain annoying to some sorts,

Explaining little, saying lots.

Lord, Almighty, the Creator,

Maker, Godhead, Yahweh, Allah,

Father, Son, the Holy Spirit,

Brahma, more, the Man Upstairs,

A thousand other

Endless names for one ground grand initiator.


Birthright, culture, parentage,

History, heredity and what they’ve led to,

What we’re bred to,

Simple leaning notwithstanding,

Pre-programmed we land un-manned.


I think highly of the theist and it’s opposite the non-

With no high regard for anti-s,

For the principle of love embraces

Fat and thin, uncles, aunties.


In the meantime,

Brain un-stymied,

With ideas and inner truths,

I continue in the use of

God, the word that makes some happy,

Giving comfort, consolation

While I seek some substitution.


What we want to know

Are secrets, keys, realities;

Of life, of death, of fate and how

To live consistently serenely in tranquility;

Long-lived and daily:

Life without anxiety,

Fulfilled with understanding.


I’d Like To Find Another Word For God 10.29.2017

God Book II; Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin






Message To Garcia Revised

            Message To Garcia Revised

I, admittedly without the skills or knowledge of

Affairs of state, power struggles, machinations

Do not get one certain thing:

Western world-ers all, bombing

ISIS, and who else I can’t remember,

With the threat of conflict spreading –

Would it not reduce the blood

If it were weapons plants we bombed instead,

Exhibitions where the latest are displayed

And all the demonstrations demonstrate,

Their potency impressive –

Would the killing not be shortened

If we bombed the messengers?

Am I naïve, so uninformed?

Or is it too undemocratic?


Message To Garcia 10.28.2017 (found ‘revised’ somewhere in Mac)

Our Times, Our Culture II; War Book II;

Arlene Corwin




I See It All Around

       I See It All Around

I see it all around.

Filling, thrilling palpably.

Lying here upon my sofa

Watching men and women suffer softly for their art;

Interviewed, performing in one way or other,

It is I who gain –

Grains of magic bonding cells

Of thankfulness.


Oh how I love, just love the talented:

The skilled, devoted – all the nuances of gift.

My eyes see beauty, ears learn more.

I cannot underscore this marvel,

And I do not try to understand.

I simply shake its hand

And say thank you.


I See It All Around 10.28.2017

Circling Round Reality; Revelations Big & Small;

Arlene Corwin





New Book: Birth, Death & In Between II out today!

[All] Thinking Contains Worry

   [ All] Thinking Contains Worry

 I’m coming to the coda of a notion hypothetical,

That [all] thinking contains worry.

Oh, I know you’ll disagree – but anyway,

Here goes:

It doesn’t matter what the thought –

Grandchildren, shopping, job connection

Or the next, next, next, next expectation,

All your thought lies in the past

Or what’s to come.


Past has passed and future’s form

Is non-existent, aninsistent,

Obstacle to peace.

At least

one obstacle. So cease

The thought and use techniques

Long honored and time tested.


The breath go in and out.


A word or phrase un-mouthed.


A song somewhat out loud.


With mind, brain or your anus;

Any part on which your focus.

Makes no difference. As inane as this may sound,

The mind, which, vacuum formed, will fill with peace,

Which peace will equal happiness,

Which happiness, will bring the rest

You dearly seek and sorely need;

The best of foods to feed your soul.

For those who don’t believe in soul,

Feed the psyche or the troll –

Whatever’s there that suits the role

You’re born to use as tool

To bring on healing, holy grail-ing,

Cause all thinking contains worry

And all worry contains failing.


All Thinking Contains Worry 10.8.2017

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin





The Disappearance Of The Flora & The Fauna

t’s a long title, but worth it.  You’ll see why.  Who can not be moved?  If you like it, share it (as they say).

Love (to the world),


The Disappearance Of The Flora & The Fauna

 As usual I watch TV.

Not news but documentary.

“Care and Sustenance of Nature”

Is the theme, wherein I learn

The world’s downfall is not the climate, wars or other,

But the disappearance of the flora

And the fauna.

Who knew? Not I, certainly.

With population out of hand,

We continue in our building,

Take the forests and its bounty.

Must we people mutiny?


In the forests are the flora and the fauna.

Insects, mosses, mushrooms, herbs;

All dependent on the flora.

All reliant on the fauna.


Population out of hand; swelling daily,

How to build for it more wisely?

Species dying out of hand,

We, the ostriches in sand,

Where lies duty, where lies blame?

Where lies power and restraint?

Where lies leadership, and who shall act?

I, you, we who lacked the facts?


Trump has plans to dig the Arctic.

There can be no Noah’s Ark. Bit

Rapes and drills

And why the hell do we need oil?

Will the planet turn into

A windblown, sterile, long dead ‘thing’

Hanging there somewhere in space?

Seen from out another planet, what will be its face?

Green or over-green? Impure for sure?

Caked and coated.  Sun-blocked from atomic war.

Or it could be drowned by water.

What in hell can be/could be?

‘Hell on earth’ no more cliché

But Nature’s unconcerned reality.


The Disappearance Of The Flora & The Fauna 10.22.2017

Our Times, Our Culture II; Circling Round Nature II; Circling Round Reality; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin





Days Of Distraction

  Days Of Distraction: The List

What can they be?

They seem to go on endlessly.

Helping out a friend in need;

Finding ways to heed the need(s)

Of several needy friends in need.

Ignoring things that might be done,

Might be some fun

And useful monetarily.

Ignoring requisites of I, myself and me.

Structure: that’s one key.

Thinking practically; harmony.

Priority to me, myself and I.


Life is simple.

Roof, warmth, food –

Summed up sample of the simple,

Which gives ample time

To carry out the other,

‘Other’ meaning tools which further

Happiness and satisfaction.


Paying bills and buying,

Days of duty and temptation;

Stress and tension:

‘Stressed out’ grown to idiom.


What to do about this ‘dream’,

For dream it is.

This is a list and not a scheme;

Not a plan nor stratagem.

Read and think, find out!

The answer lies in nought but thee.

(That’s you and me).

You’ll see

what works.*


Days Of Distraction 10.21.2017

Definitely Didactic; I Is Always You Is Me;

Arlene Corwin

*Chatted with my ‘English rose’ of a daughter (raised in Oxford, England now residing in Oregon, USA.) who complained of distractions which keep her from other, perhaps more practical or and/or rewarding things.  It inspired these little reflections. 

It will go into my collections: Definitely Didactic and I Is Always We Is You.  By the way, my 16th book Birth, Death & In Between II went into publication today!

















You’ve heard about them all,

The misanthropes, misogynists,…

But have you heard of peoplephobes?

Detestation of a group,

Fear and loathing

Women, men, trade deals, the globe:

You-know-who – I think he’s got it.

Actions show it,

Does he know it?

Groundless, baseless,


To the point

Of being foolish.

One who has it

Doesn’t know it,

Has not conquered anger, temper and self-interest.

All those traits of vice that simply aren’t nice!

Traits that ultimately cause destruction

Of the self and those who follow.

Hollow traits that scoff the poor,

Prizing, praising the well-off.

Leaving Latin, leaving Greek

And colloquially stated,

New created,

Peoplephobia’s the thing

For understanding would-be kings

And you-know-who,

Thanking God that it’s not you

Or me.

Which would be woeful, sorrowful and lousy.


Peoplephobia 10.17.2017

A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin





You Can’t Have A War

    I was watching a reportage about the strong possibility of a war between Iraq and Kurdistani Kirkuk.  I don’t consider myself a political person, neither politically aware nor politically active.  But sometimes, I’m moved on a deep level at the futility of and process leading up to war.  This is one of those moments.  I went directly to the computer.

 You can’t have a war

Unless you have weapons;

You can’t have those weapons

Unless you have industries;

Can’t have an industry earning no money –

And money means profit,

For who runs an industry

That doesn’t profit –

Profit the carrot.



The distance is multi- or many small instances

Building the one upon other,

Easy to disregard, 

Turn a blind eye to.


Oil or real estate,

Access to coast,

Minerals, labor:

Possession and use.

Passions’ abuse

And war is the certainty.


It’s terribly sad,

This fighting for terra;

A sickening error

Pretending it’s doctrine or canon or righteousness.

Overruled, conscience.


You can’t have a war,

Restrain it,

Unless there’s this chain of re-action,

Everyone playing his part.

It’s breaking my heart. 

Ain’t it yours?


You Can’t Have A War 10.14.2017

War Book II; Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin


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