The Disappearance Of The Flora & The Fauna

t’s a long title, but worth it.  You’ll see why.  Who can not be moved?  If you like it, share it (as they say).

Love (to the world),


The Disappearance Of The Flora & The Fauna

 As usual I watch TV.

Not news but documentary.

“Care and Sustenance of Nature”

Is the theme, wherein I learn

The world’s downfall is not the climate, wars or other,

But the disappearance of the flora

And the fauna.

Who knew? Not I, certainly.

With population out of hand,

We continue in our building,

Take the forests and its bounty.

Must we people mutiny?


In the forests are the flora and the fauna.

Insects, mosses, mushrooms, herbs;

All dependent on the flora.

All reliant on the fauna.


Population out of hand; swelling daily,

How to build for it more wisely?

Species dying out of hand,

We, the ostriches in sand,

Where lies duty, where lies blame?

Where lies power and restraint?

Where lies leadership, and who shall act?

I, you, we who lacked the facts?


Trump has plans to dig the Arctic.

There can be no Noah’s Ark. Bit

Rapes and drills

And why the hell do we need oil?

Will the planet turn into

A windblown, sterile, long dead ‘thing’

Hanging there somewhere in space?

Seen from out another planet, what will be its face?

Green or over-green? Impure for sure?

Caked and coated.  Sun-blocked from atomic war.

Or it could be drowned by water.

What in hell can be/could be?

‘Hell on earth’ no more cliché

But Nature’s unconcerned reality.


The Disappearance Of The Flora & The Fauna 10.22.2017

Our Times, Our Culture II; Circling Round Nature II; Circling Round Reality; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin





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