I’d Like To Find Another Word For God

I’d Like To Find Anther Word For God

I’d like to find

Another word

For God, for named in scripture’s world

It is a word – a name – word just the same,

Quenching some, offending some,

Plain annoying to some sorts,

Explaining little, saying lots.

Lord, Almighty, the Creator,

Maker, Godhead, Yahweh, Allah,

Father, Son, the Holy Spirit,

Brahma, more, the Man Upstairs,

A thousand other

Endless names for one ground grand initiator.


Birthright, culture, parentage,

History, heredity and what they’ve led to,

What we’re bred to,

Simple leaning notwithstanding,

Pre-programmed we land un-manned.


I think highly of the theist and it’s opposite the non-

With no high regard for anti-s,

For the principle of love embraces

Fat and thin, uncles, aunties.


In the meantime,

Brain un-stymied,

With ideas and inner truths,

I continue in the use of

God, the word that makes some happy,

Giving comfort, consolation

While I seek some substitution.


What we want to know

Are secrets, keys, realities;

Of life, of death, of fate and how

To live consistently serenely in tranquility;

Long-lived and daily:

Life without anxiety,

Fulfilled with understanding.


I’d Like To Find Another Word For God 10.29.2017

God Book II; Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin






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