An Eighty-Third

Tomorrow is the day and I decided to  explore what I feel about it.

                  An Eighty-Third

Ego there, but something’s going;

Some things gone –

Both nice and nice’s antonym.

Prefix Nov- linguistics’ whim –

What does it stand for?

One cares less and dares much more.

Nov means nine but mine’s eleven:

8th November, month eleven.

November eighth; November, Nover.

Arlene Faith “is now in clover”*.

Still, one has reached an eighty-three, (one being me)

We’ll see

What life has left at all…

Life being so irrational.

Et al.

*written by my 6th grade teacher Mr Martin when I graduated from public school

 An Eighty-Third 11.8.2017

Birthday Book; Pure Nakedness;

Arlene Nover Corwin






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