Always In Preparation #2

           Always In Preparation #2

(a rather long simplification)


Always in preparation for an interview:

What will I answer? Never know.

– What do I like? do things I do, the way I do?

– Write poetry, play jazz, do yoga?

Body/mind my mental window in my mental interview:

And I must justify it all.

Some germ, some theme begins the whole:

The technical; word hurdles

When I write or sing;

All challenging,

Performing, writing or just doing.


T’ween two covers it’s official;

Everything grist-for-the-mill,

I’ll likely publish ‘til I’m still.

No special motive winks or flirts,

No motive hides behind my skirts –


My ears hear musically,

It all comes naturally, substance counting most;

Not tricks, not formulae, cliché –

If there’s a Corwin idiom

It’s in the DNA.

I work out tunes, -out poetry, -out bodily.

The mind works out spontaneously,

I (wherever I is to be found) give in, give form,

Substance from-and-in the frame.


In short, I paint myself into a box

And creep around

Until some [final] satisfaction binds.

A futile paradox:

To clarify and satisfy

The interview,

But there am I,

Always in preparation.

 Always In Preparation 7.6.2014

Pure Nakedness; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;revised 11.21.2017

Arlene Corwin



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Idiomatic Expressions
    Nov 28, 2017 @ 15:09:42

    I love this poem Arlene, really good.
    Keep it up.




    • arlenecorwin
      Dec 12, 2017 @ 11:55:46

      One’s always trying to keep it up. No guarantees as to the quality, but the quantity keeps coming, hence ‘keeping up’. Thank you for the love. I’d love you to follow my stuff so that you can judge whether or not I’m keeping it up not pressing it down. Gratefully, Arlene



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