A Wrinkle’s Stream Of Consciousness

This is a nonsense poem – (with serious underwear, er,-tones)!
A Wrinkle’s Stream Of Consciousness😥

Used to be but sprinkles –
Noticed not at all.
Now they tackle like white spackle.
Twiddling unequivocally,
Fiddling ‘round with body,
Coddling infernal, venal phases;
Years erasing days by days:
Dismal these abysmal fates.

Sniveling drivels what’s I calls it.
Aging’s evil too: a cru-
Of nature to confer on one
This rotting, drying up
When beauty used to be a buttercup
And one was used to “Whoopee, what a gorgeous pup!”

This, a consciousness in stream,
Dreaming’s hiccup,
Real world’s misshapen sidestep, kidnap, mishap,
Final deathtrap.

A Wrinkle’s Stream Of Consciousness 12.20.2017 A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Arlene Corwin

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