No One’s Gonna Do It If You Don’t Do It Yourself

No One’s Gonna Do It If You Don’t Do It Yourself

Be it yoga, exercise or writing,

Cooking, cleaning, take-delight-in;

Money might give luxury –

And that’s ok,

Since you give work away

To somebody

To feed his or her family.

However, theme still meant,

Not taking back the thought behind,

The title holds as poem unfolds:


No one’s wiping your behind,

Maintaining vigor or your mind.

No one’s there to think your thought,

Determine what you should or ought,

Emerge, come out, erupt, unfold,

Take care of parts becoming old.

No one will mature but you.

Nothing in the world will change

Except for you, that being all that you can do.


The world outside may set in motion

Trends – in war and in religion,

Ideas in you you’d like get done.

It is, will always be your job to turn

Days into [loving, peaceful] fun.

Your attitudes, expanded, broadened;

Yours to make life two in one:

From work to play, from tears to un-



So, in gratitude for plentitude,

That comes from self-reliance,

Make sure that you keep in mind,

No one’s gonna do it

If you don’t do it yourself.

No One’s Gonna Do It If You Don’t Do It Yourself 1.5.2018 I Is Always You Is We;








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