It Rules The Planet: Nature

         It Rules The Planet

It rules the planet, schools the planet,

Still we don’t take seriously

Storm and earthquake, flood and rain,

Temperature and ocean size,

Human death and insect death,

Animal and fauna death,

Heat waves, all the waves,

Attempting step by step

To step on it,

Then conquer it.

How idiotic!

Wars continue.


Thinking that the cyclones, floods,

The sweep of muds, the slides and thuds.

Containers, trucks,

The heaviest of objects turned,

And then the fires, people burned

And buried

Under forces too complex to list.

Category that and this,

Numbers measuring the forces.

Cars on roofs, numberless losses;

Categories three, four, five,

Searches for the people live, the few survived.

And still the wars.


Unpredictable the changes.

Some think they have a wealth of time.

Changes in intensity, they stick around through lava lime;

Stubbornly they stay and die.

Some say we’ve learned a lesson.

Experts say it will get worse.

It the curse of global warmings.

Non-believers like D. Trump play golf through stormings.

There will be repeated more to come.

Volcanic heat that lies below,

And some don’t seem to care or know,

Which (that) alone can blow the flow

As wars and hate



It rules the planet.

Still we do not seriously

Change our path.

* 1.23.2018 Horrifying coincidence; day after this is written there is a 7.9 earthquake in the Alaskan Gulf.

It Rules The Planet 1.22.2018 Circling Round Nature II; Our Times, Our Culture II; War Book II; Arlene Corwin


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