Coffee (AConflict of Values)

Sitting up in bed on a Sunday morning editing, re-writing, refining. A bit long but worth it in the reading – thinks I!

        Coffee (A Conflict Of Values)

Catering to a certain need for stimulation,

Even relaxation and the psychic high,

Coffee bean in cool, dark tin,

Fragrance and the oil in

The box or jar or bag’s supply

Of pleasure ought to make the drinker

Think a little about why

The bitter sweet is such a stinker,

In whose absence droops the mood

The energy, the good;

Whose undemanding look

In cafeteria or china cup and just a slurp

Creates the nervous, wrecked and hooked.

Symbol of that quiet urge

For pleasant conversation’s purge,

To say this has a feeble ring,

Insistent urge to reach a high, high as the sky

From just a thing

(to say this has a feeble ring),

Well, surely pleasure comes from means

Far less addictive than caffeine’s

Delicious smell and taste,

Java’s clutch (was Java Dutch?)

Conversation’s time-filled waste;

That needs no brew,

Nor company of two.

But then, an energy from what?

Oh dear, the will is weak

When pleasure lies within the cheek and coffee pot,

And one has never learned the art

Of keeping silence in the heart.

Bitter devil, wreaking havoc like a weevil

On plantations of the body.

To steal upon the cells by stealth,

Speed the heart, adrenals, pulse,

God knows what else;

Claiming vitamins and health –

And still the perils lie elsewhere,

Where habits have their hidden lair,

Vice/virtue, meet excess;

Battling for their piece of peace,

Posing as a social duty,

Threatening in bitter beauty.

Dear, oh dear, I fear that life (it’s clear)

with coffee’s here to stay,

My own cup one small hour away.

From Macbeth: the coffee oath:

Stir the sugar, stir the milk,

Make the coffee smooth as silk,

Help the migraine, the depression;

Be benign in our transgression.

Tranquilizing our confusion

Make gregarious the nation.

Cof-free or cof- fiend?

Or just plain coff… and what you make it be?

Coffee (A Conflict of |Values) 4.21.1994 rev 1.8.2011/2.4.2018Coffee Book II; Definitely Didactic;Arlene Corwin








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