You Have A Plan

       You Have A Plan

 You have a plan.

You’ve had it since the start of man.

You never pause, it being plan nobody knows.

You work through laws

Consisting of effect and cause.

And so, before I go

I transfer all my hopes to You.

Before the final bye, byes

I would like to know some certainties.

To understand the rest:

The key to and what is

The highest.

Or, life is a meaninglessness.

Instinct longs for happiness.

Even ignoramuses intuitively reach for this.

So in pursuit of bliss’ nearest,

I report to daddy dearest

Universes far from me,

Yet deep inside implicitly.


A force for good,

A force that make things all they should,

A some non-thing as source of all

Behind, in front and in the ball.


There is a plan

That was before the start of man,

And’s going on right now as you

And me

And all of mankind’s destiny.

 You Have A Plan 2.14.2018 God Book II; Nature of & In Reality; Circling Round Reality;






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