As I Meditate

          As I Meditate… 

As I meditate upon the general idea of peace,

Wash my brain with waves of …waves

I see an impact and increase

In the days that follow; expertise                                        

Unexplainable inside these

Small, small, small effects.

Nicer, kinder jets of thought;

Generous, inclusive this:

Embracing (the flip side of scorning or dismissing)

Giving ‘thumbs up’ easily.


Even feel my IQ up. 

Recall dropped into my lap;

The bank behind them all


(a jokey bit of poet freedom)


Patterns and impressions sharper.

Harping on the small things lesser.


My mind turns bad to good.

(As I’ve always hoped it would.)

All opportunity! 

I never understood

This peace idea. 

Not worldly grounded, power founded; sheer

Self caused and self achieved.

Every pause a chance to sieve

The good from bad, the stuff that had

A weakening effect on me.

Since I is always you is we,

All university,

I simply send this little notion;

Hoping it brings oceans

Of the positivity

It’s giving me.

  As I Meditate 2.26.2018 The Processes; Creativity, Thinking, Meditative II; Revelations Big & Small; ArleneCorwin






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