Coming Down To Earth

       Coming Down To Earth

If you’re famous,

There will always be a someone

Who has never heard or seen a picture

Of the likes of you;

Not seen your picture,

Doesn’t have the least idea

Who, what you are

Or what you stand for.

Doesn’t that scoot little you right down

To terra firma?

Started this in two fourteen.

Found it on a teeny hidden-somewhere-scrap.

It’s two eighteen: I feel the same as.

(rhymes with famous – see line 1)

Poet’s freedom once again,’’’

I can’t resist.

Might have been comedienne,

But then,

It’s not my calling.)


It does become one

(rhymes with someone -see line 2)

To come down to planet earth

And stick to anonymity.


Do your job,

Stick to your your day.

Things are working out your way

Without you knowing

What they’re doing.

Let the winds of fate and karma

Make the lack of show your army.


Coming Down To Earth 3.1.2018 Circling Round Reality; Definitely Didactic: Arlene Corwin


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