The Rapist (or The Moment’s Spurt)

           The Rapist

(Or The Moment’s Spurt)


A moment’s spurt and then it’s over!

Gone, kaput,

Put nowhere where no one is grateful.

Over till the next sex blurt

Of high testosterone takes over,

Wits a twisted brutal brute.


Cock raised high – or not

That shot of lust bursts in.

Do rapists think they win?

Do they not feel tired after

Someone’s daughter?

Fornication; violent violation

For the stupid spurt’s ejaculation?


It is so simple: lesson done:

You rape no one!

Any moron knows that fact.

There’s no sex act

That vindicates coercion.


Leave the semen deep within.

Leave the women! (end of sentence).

The whole is over in a minute.

Think of something else to do

When raping’s impulse comes into you.

Think of yogurt, think of dirt

Think of concerts, Uncle Bert.

Think of anything but hurt.

It is at most a moment’s spurt.

 The Rapist 3.5.2018 Circling Round Eros II; Nature of & In Reality; Arlene Corwin






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