From Popularity Comes Danger

I never remember what poetry I’ve put on Facebook or even on my own site, Arlene Corwin Poetry. And I’m much too lazy to check. (I suspect that that’s the danger when one writes everyday) If you’ve read this before well, read it again.
It just is what it is. The fact that Sweden’s smuggled weapon rate has skyrocketed since the Malmö-Denmark bridge was built – as has the crime rate. A good example of the dark side of the moon.
The dark side of the bright side.💭
From Popularity…
(comes danger)
From popularity comes hazard,
Risk of peril,
Boy or girl at danger’s call.
From anonymity comes shelter:
No one knowing you at all.
Every country loves its tourists –
Bridges, tunnels… easy access;
Weapons, drugs,
Lawbreakers, thugs:
In short, new foes;
New secret foes that no one knows.
From popularity come woes.
Self-imposed expansion low.
Moderation is the answer,
Modesty the balancer
Of friendliness
And isolation.
From Popularity 4.17.2017
Our Times, Our Culture II; Definitely Didactic;
Arlene Corwin

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