Changing Nature: Yours

       Changing Nature: Yours

You can’t change your nature

There, the ground and groundwork

To build on as stature:

Genius to middling,

Great gifts or piddling…

The thread running through

Will always be you.

Save it, you-nique that it is,

And only your business –

Surely your only business

To hang onto self,

Lose the –ishness of self,

Make the –lessness come through

‘Cause the whole’s ever you

To accept and admire

In the mire of existence,

To filter and sanctify

Cleanse and unburden,

Build upon, clarion

Of creativity’s vision

Whatever your person.


What could be more hopeful,

Auspicious than that!

Don’t change your nature:

It could change the planet.

 Changing Nature: Yours 3.19.2018 Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Nature II; I Is Always You Is We; Arlene Corwin

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