God The Father, Mother Nature

     This was such a difficult subject to tackle – in verse no less.  Yet, I found myself compelled.  The two phrases haunted me during the night, and I found myself examining their meaning and connection, and was surprised when I could think it through, although I’m sure somebody or -bodies could express it more conclusively.

As usual, I only send this to those i think are interested, either vaguely or directly in the issue involved.  Maybe I include too many of the wrong people and omit too many of the right ones.  


          God the Father, Mother Nature


Why Father, why Mother?

Taking noun, using it here,

What does a father/mother stand for?

What the function?  Where the junction?

Taking ‘ God,’ accepting word,

Where is it?

Is it unit?

Properties and features infinite?

If it’s It, it must have place

In and out somewhere in space,

A thing not unlike our sweet sun,

Which sun affects each/ everyone.

You all know what I mean. 


Its qualities and energies

Would have to take in all the –ities

Positive and negative,

Comings into being, dyings.

That’s only a few, of course.

Phew! (of course)

For ‘fathering’ means many things

Inherent and inheriting.

A kind of spermatozoa entering

The thing called Nature’s mothering.


Father sits there quietly,

Mother gives the birth to many,

Manifold variety. 

Think: the sun – the best analogy;

Which doesn’t move, which stays in place,

Yet all its sunny rays embracing.

God the Father, Nature Mother;

Yang and Yin,

Each beginning, each a finish

Each existing as a well spring.


Oh, this question, dearest reader,

God the leader, Earth the breeder,

Unsolvable, un-provable,

Bound in faith but usable.

I’ll be back when I’ve thought further .

God as Father, Mother Nature.


Friends of mine deny it all;

Conscious energy so small

Yet all-encompassing.

(It can’t be large, for logically,

It is, by definition, fixed – eternally,

Changeless, absolute, an all-in-one,

And to be large it’d have to’ve grown,

And growing is a no-no for a non-


Ultimate and only real



God The Father, Mother Nature 3.24.2018 God Book II; Nature Of & In Reality; Arlene Corwin










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