Knocking On The Doorway Of Eternity

To those who are/feel the same, and those who just enjoy a good poem.

               Knocking On The Doorway To Eternity

 I’m a mystic out and out.

I never shout it out,

But I’m a little ‘high’ right now

(the morning coffee works – and how!)

Simple prayers, requests and hope,

A little child-like – a puppy.

Yet coming by small feedbacks in small ways;

Minutes, hours or days –

It can’t be just coincidence.

It could be basic innocence.

In any case,

Face flushed with happiness –

Muted or giggly.

No great gesture,

Just a cherished jest

‘Tween the divine and me.

A mystic always knocking on the entrance

To eternity.

 Knocking On The Doorway To Eternity 4.2.2018 To The Child Mystic II; Arlene Corwin


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