Pushed Around by Fate #1&2

Written this morning, I had an inkling that the title sounded familiar, so I looked it up (bless the computer) and lo! there is was – a poem, not at all the same, written in 1998, twenty years ago, even published under the misprinted title Pushed Around by Fat. Anyway, here they are: Pushed Around By Fate#1 &
Pushed Around By Fate #2* 
I’ve always let myself
Be pushed around by fate.
It’s seemed to work.
Despite the look of life’s mistake,
For even with, [the look] it’s all turned out just right.
‘Decisioned’ choices all the time,
In actuality, each minute primed
By some unknown, because
You choose,
And you are what you are
Just then, and almost have no choice
Despite the voice that says you do.
And so, by following each instinct,
Settling on and coming into –
Sometimes leaving things and people,
Circumstance, all slings that push,
Though backward-seeming,
All’s been a non-rushing forward toward development:
Mistakes the school, awards illusion;
Both mixture of life’s institute of higher education.
I have let myself be pushed around
And probably will all ways:
Flexibility –
In teamwork with my destiny;
Sense accrued through wisdom to distinguish:
In plain English,
Differentiate the true from false:
Big and useless, small but faultless
Things that last or run and flee.
To let yourself be pushed around by fate
Means that you learn to wait
In confidence that things work out eventually.
Pushed Around By Fate 4.9.2018 Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Reality; Arlene Corwin
Pushed Around By Fate #1
Wed at twenty. Thirteen later months a bairn
To care and think and learn about, and very little brain
Prepared to form a life my very own.
Unprepared, reaching out,
Guessing, tripping, dipped in doubt,
Not grown, without a cicerone.
Stupid right down to the bone,
But glad to leave a family home unreal as foam.
Yet now all’s right and all is fixed,
The complex simply un-complex.
What seemed like chaos back then when . . .
Was inner order bordering on
Pushed Around By Fate 8.23.1998/2.7.2007/revised and rewritten 4.9.2018 Birth, Death & In Between; Circling Round Woman; Pure Nakedness; Time; Arlene Corwin
*Known today as going with the flow or living in the now

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