Keen About Meaning

It wasn’t my intention to write such a ‘long song’. Always having the instinct to keep a poem the length of an A4, the original intention was to write 2 separate poems. Then I realized that the two poems were saying the same thing.        


        Keen About The Meaning

We should be keen about the meaning!

(Isn’t that a darling rhyme?)

What, you ask, what meaning what?

It’s life of course!

A meaning that defines its course, it’s force, its progress.

Life’s life you may say. It may be,

Yet as far as life’s intent,

We tend to minimize its main objective.

Not survival – something more: a true ascent.

Some go by it. Some deny it.

We should chase it because life’s a race

Against an absolute and unrelenting, limited ol’ spell

Worth probing not just for surviving or for breathing well.

There are yummy things worth aiming at:

This game we play, take part in

And would like to win

Contains as trophies: peace of mind and understanding,

Satisfaction and wellbeing.

One more gain: freedom from fear –

Taking in fate’s whimsies with a cheerful air.

(Dalai Lama seems to do it. Others too. You’ve seen it, know it).


Why demean this most significant of questions

When the question in itself

Opens the highway to




Everyday I read poetic utterances:

Poetry of loves lost, never felt, hungered after,

Longed for laughter,

Sorrow at the world’s condition,

Unexpressed scorn and submission.

Everything one undergoes

And everyone one comes across;

Cynicism, doubt, distrust,

Mistrust, injustice, disenchantment.


Yet, I’m always here to say:

It’s true and happening BUT, circumstance,

Each energy’s phenomenon

Contains its equal counterpart;

The negative that has a heart:

A parallel but better.

Life has meaning and intention to the letter.


Keen About The Meaning 4.28.2018

Circling Round Reality; Arlene Corwin



I Grund Och Botten Är Vi Lika (At the bottom of things we are alike)

     Living in Sweden, as I do, I’ve often noticed that some idioms seem to capture an essence, are more powerful in Swedish than in my own tongue English and vice versa. Therefore, I’ve begun to take the liberty of borrowing the occasional Swedish idiom for use in my poetry.

 I Grund Och Botten (är vi lika)*

A Swedish idiom meaning At The Bottom Of Things (we are alike)


At the bottom of things: basically,

First and foremost and primarily

We are alike.

Our temperament, our gifts, our faults

May differ, and they do.

But you,

You are the same as me.

I is always you is we!

We are a race: a human race.

But should we race, erase the commonality

That binds us all? Of course not!

We are one in essence, which we got

At birth, perhaps before;

Sympathy, empathy, the virtues, vices;

All the aims a blend of spices

From self-sacrifice to merchandise;

Imprecise, but there at bottom

From the scrotum to the sputum.

All your systems are but symptoms.

At their end a blend of like-ness and uniqueness,

And one race.

 I Grund Och Botten 5.31.2018 Swedish Book; Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Reality; I Is Always You Is We; Arlene Nover Corwin







The Hottest May On Record

Hot off the press!
The Hottest May On Record🤔

I write about the land I live in
Just because I live there and the land’s at hand.
A land forgiven,
For in heaps of, hopeful ways it’s grand.

The hottest May most every day
Since records started to be written, and
A button on the past,
It points to profits oft’ ill-gotten
In a world of greed, technology: half-rotten.

All the harmful tendencies in man
Brought forth, the times and growing population
On their prideful side.

Oh, I hate to be a just one more harbinger
Of god-knows-what:
Plagues and wars and everything that
Brings disaster.
All this from the weather
And this hottest May on record
Little Sweden.

The Hottest May On Record 5.30.2018 Swedish Book; Nature Of & In Reality; Our Times, Our Culture II;Arlene Nover Corwin

A Scorching Day In Sweden

You’ve all heard of the American in Paris.  But have you heard from the American in Sweden??

       A Scorching Day In Sweden

A scorching day in Sweden!

An un-

            usual phen-omenon.

A day in May, albeit late…

The twenty-third, two thousand eight-teen,

Close to June where none too soon,

A scorch might be anticipated:

But not now! 

Good gracious, no!

Is it the changing climate showing?

Or am I mistaken terribly,

And May is as it should be?


One wants the sun, its vitamin.

One want to show of well-toned skin.

But here, up North, if sun doth scorch.

One dare not go forth hat un-donned,

However fair one may look tanned.


Such incongruity!

Outdoor healthful Vit’min D

Or indoor white and cancer free?

Osteoporotic from a life in shade

Or sun brown dry, and wrinkled maiden?

As we say, Oy vey! and anyway,

Fahrenheit or centigrade,

It’s been a lovely day today

From which one could not stay away.


I’m simply wondering, no, pondering

A time to come

When icebergs in the Arctic North succumb,

Exchanging solid sum for water,

A transporter of sheer peril,

A world’s isle-slaughter.

Good for us and as it ought-a, or…?

A Scorching Day In Sweden 5.23.2018 Swedish Book; Circling Round Nature II; Arlene Nover Corwin


People Get Tattoos

Given the popularity of tattoos, beards, shaven heads, holes in the body…et al, I’m enclosing this highly relevant observation written first in 2002, revised in 2004 and now again in 2018.
        People Get Tattoos
People get tattoos because
They think that there’s no change,
Because they’re vain, in love:
They think they choose, because
They’ve no idea at all
The rain in Spain lies mainly
In the plain,
That muscle turns
And what was breast or chest and firm,
De-firms, deforms
With budding bicep rose
Becoming wrinkled, wilted posy of-the-elbows.
I suppose it’s all to do
With time and how we throw
Away our energies, with time
Outgrowing side- and peepshow
We all worshipped once with gusto.
Oh, tattoo, you are a symbol
Of myopia and youth,
A cockeyed view of truth
That lets us down.
Still, people will demand tattoos,
Refusing all discussion
Until gusto gets to be disgust.
Nothing one can do
Except boo-hoo
This triste refrain to all who’ll listen;
Self abstain , and be a witness.
People Get Tattoos 1.18.2004 revised from 6.17.2002 re-revised 5.22.2018 A Sense Of The Ridiculous II;; Definitely Didactic II; Circling Round Vanities II; Arlene Nover Corwin

A Sense Of The Ridiculeye


       A Sense Of The Ridiculeye

 If I should die

Before the chance to finalize

My opii or opus-eye,

I’d like my friends and family

To help my un-computerized beloved Kent

To contact-wise or otherwise

Contact well meant

Computor pals,

Informing them of my demise,

As I have been so many times,

Pushed ahead by good advice.

I’d like to share my destiny

With those out there who ‘followed’ me.

But time’s not up,

And I still drink from heaven’s cup,

Statistics in my favor,

Savoring each mobile action.

A Sense Of The Riduleye 5.17.2018 Birth, Death & In Between II; Circling Round Computers; Arlene Nover Corwin





Deciphering Meanings

Deciphering Meanings
Who to aim at, more – commune with?
I read my stuff
And wonder if
I’m writing ‘down’ or writing ‘up’,
Supposing all the time
I’m being clear, cupping my ears
And listening to the depth inside:
I, a string of nuances,
We, limbs of the human race,
Often needing to be decoded;
Every now and then we feel understood.
It feels good.
Nuance and communication.
Who I am – this heart, this art,
Part smart, part daft,
Beyond decrypting, hoping, trusting
That you will at least, enjoy the craft.
Deciphering Meanings 8.23.2014The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Pure Nakedness II; Definitely Didactic; revised 5.12.2018Arlene Corwin

What Are We Aiming At?

       What Are We Aiming At?

 What is it one is aiming at?

And what the means?

Is it utopian to think about?

What is involved?

Such questions asked and answered as the road resolves.

Most times the answers overlap – in fact, each step

The coinciding

Of events and chance

So often and so many, they bring unforeseen abundance!


Means and goal, a little list:

Clarity, transparency,

Ethics and morality;

Fondness of simplicity,

Liking, warmth and care;

Focus and awareness

Of yourself – your faults and gifts.

The means to sift through both

And tackle, challenge, intercept,

Take responsibility for; respect, accept, correct;

To form belief

And follow through.

It’s hard to let a shape come through you

Like a leitmotif;

A thread that is the real you,

That you were born to find, to be and do.


What is it that we’re aiming at?

Guess with boldness:

Happiness and peace, of course,

A course of life that’s conquered stress

Made easy by

The depth inside.

Become its bride.

What Are We Aiming At? 5.9.2018 Revelations Big & Small; Definitely Didactic II; I Is Always You Is We; Arlene Nover Corwin





Washing Over

         Washing Over 

I wash the brain with peace,

Synapse to sleepy synapse.

Themes may change from day to day,

The mind and will working that way. Today,

It’s peace – a motif that I never ‘got’.

I’m one step nearer, sensing it.

Behavior freer, talk a bit…

I’m more polite, considerate.

Something’s taking ‘way the shit

That usually rolls around as chaos;

Something near to paradise’s

Innermost best aspect peace, is

Uppermost. I use this basis

For my practice,

Imaging, imagining, examining,

Pretending, willing…

All that matters is the stilling

Followed by activity that does some good.

(What I wish is that it would).

Meanwhile, I am smiling more and more.

This ‘peace wash’ must be working.

Washing Over /My Newest Trick) 2.23.2018 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Revelations Big & Small; Arlene Nover Corwin



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