A Scorching Day In Sweden

You’ve all heard of the American in Paris.  But have you heard from the American in Sweden??

       A Scorching Day In Sweden

A scorching day in Sweden!

An un-

            usual phen-omenon.

A day in May, albeit late…

The twenty-third, two thousand eight-teen,

Close to June where none too soon,

A scorch might be anticipated:

But not now! 

Good gracious, no!

Is it the changing climate showing?

Or am I mistaken terribly,

And May is as it should be?


One wants the sun, its vitamin.

One want to show of well-toned skin.

But here, up North, if sun doth scorch.

One dare not go forth hat un-donned,

However fair one may look tanned.


Such incongruity!

Outdoor healthful Vit’min D

Or indoor white and cancer free?

Osteoporotic from a life in shade

Or sun brown dry, and wrinkled maiden?

As we say, Oy vey! and anyway,

Fahrenheit or centigrade,

It’s been a lovely day today

From which one could not stay away.


I’m simply wondering, no, pondering

A time to come

When icebergs in the Arctic North succumb,

Exchanging solid sum for water,

A transporter of sheer peril,

A world’s isle-slaughter.

Good for us and as it ought-a, or…?

A Scorching Day In Sweden 5.23.2018 Swedish Book; Circling Round Nature II; Arlene Nover Corwin


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